Making a positive impact


Creating a sustainable conference is crucial in today’s world to reduce environmental impact and promote responsible practices. By integrating sustainable principles into every aspect of the event, we can minimise waste, conserve resources, and inspire attendees to adopt eco-friendly habits.

Sydney, Conference Venue

Sustainable conferencing

See how attending Australasian College for Emergency Medicine Winter Symposium 2023 means ‘no worries’ for the planet.

Every Little Bit Helps

Let’s make a difference together

ACEM are collecting any unused hotel & ravel toiletries from attendees to give to Every Little Bit Helps – a charity who then repurposes unused items to create care packages for the homeless, troubled youth, asylum seekers and victims of domestic violence.  Please bring any items to the registration desk collection point before registration closes on the last day of the event.

Items collected include:

  • Shampoo | conditioner | toothbrush
  • Toothpaste | Soap | Body Wash
  • Hair combs | Airline Amenity Kits
  • Vanity Kits | Body Moisturisers | Sanitary Items
  • Cosmetic Samples | Perfume Samples | Makeup Samples
Sydney, Conference Venue