Art Exhibition

The following are on display at the ACEM Winter Symposium Gala Dinner.

If you would like to contact any of the artists displayed during the Gala Dinner evening, please contact them below or search their website.


  1. Sam Surka

    I am an advanced trainee in emergency medicine based at the Alfred Health in Melbourne.

    I enjoy design and illustrations; and together with Jamie Shelly, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, we have written and illustrated a children’s picture book called Alora’s dreams.




  1. Behrad Rezaei
    Insomnia: The Affordance of Hybrid Media in Visualising a Sleep Disorder

    I am a design (visual communication) academic at Western Sydney University, specialising in interactive digital media and visual design. Founded by the idea of intertwining science and art through digital platforms, I use design as a tool to shed light on scientific discourse. My recent project, “Project Insomnia”, epitomises this philosophy. It presents the complexities of sleep disorders through the lens of interactive art. With a deep passion and creativity, Razaei continuously pushes boundaries, cultivating a unique fusion of aesthetic and intellectual stimulation.




  1. Hansel Addae

Framed Artworks

I am a FACEM living in Brisbane with my family. My artwork is created from pictures taken on family holidays.

I use digital ink and draw on an IPad. Each artwork takes several weeks, sometimes months to complete. I am inspired by calm and serene coastal and botanical landscapes.

The creative process involves sketching the “scene” and adding colour to exaggerate the landscape. I use vivid detail in drawing elements like leaves and twigs. Most of all I love drawing stones and rocks. Finally I introduce various subjects into the frame to tell a story that fits my imagination.

The theme of the artwork is “colours of nature”.

I believe our natural “unspoilt” environment is the most powerful substrate for relaxation and positive energy.



  1. Joy Craft Labs

Polymer clay earrings

I’m Jo, a Sydney-based GP and mum of 2 kids. I graduated from the University of Newcastle quite a while ago.
I discovered polymer clay during the COVID pandemic and fell in love with its versatility. 

While I love making anatomy-inspired earrings I also like designing other earring styles that incorporate silk screen patterns wooden and brass charm pieces.
You can order earrings through my website and watch behind-the-scenes videos or get the latest release updates by following my Instagram account.



Instagram: @joycraftlabs


  1. Chrissy Loves Dots

Scrubs and prints

I am a proud Aboriginal woman descended from the Wiradjuri tribe. I grew up in Hurley Lane, Cootamundra. I am married and have 5 children, 3 boys and two girls.

I worked at Sugarloaf Gardens Aged Care, Wallsend as a leisure and lifestyle officer. I had the privilege of teaching our elderly Aboriginal dot painting and they loved it. For this, I received an award in the resident lifestyle category in the NSW National Better Practice Award.

I have been commissioned to do large artwork pieces. My artwork has been displayed in various workplaces in Newcastle.

I had the opportunity to design my artwork called “Connection to Community” on medical scrub tops for the wonderful ED staff at John Hunter Hospital to wear proudly. Not just for NAIDOC, staff wear them every day. My artworks have been sublimated onto fabric (JC Promotions and Apparel Brisbane) and locally made by the Uniform Shop into these colourful medical scrub tops.  

Instagram: @chrissylovesdots

Facebook: Chrissylovesdots



  1. Clare Skinner

Arty mugs

I am the president of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and work clinically as a Senior Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine at Hornsby Ku-rin-gai Hospital in Sydney, Australia. My professional interests include health system re-design, medical education and improving hospital culture. I am on a gazillion committees. In my spare time, i write stories, play music, make bad art and hang out with my partner and kids.




  1. Meyrelle Murphy

Dried flower arrangements

I’m a Newcastle local, who realised a creative outlet would benefit a long-term career in Intensive Care. I recently completed a floral design course and loved it and have just started my own dried floral business.

Instagram: @tuesdayschildfloraldesign


8. Dr Aimee Rondel

I am a GP from Dunedin New Zealand with an interest in women’s health. I have sewn since I was 8 years old and use it to destress.


Instagram: @aimeessecretgardens


9. Dr Cheryl Choong

I am a rural generalist who has worked extensively across many rural and remote hospitals in my 18 year career. This Asian inspired children’s recipe book came about from a love of food and wanting to pass down part of my Asian culture to my children. There is a paucity of Asian food options out in the bush, and I wanted to ensure that part of my cultural identity does not get lost. Food brings together families, incites pleasure and encourages children to experience new things.


To order email:

10. Dr Kayla Rae

“My name is Kayla and I’m a descendant of the Meriam Mer people’s in the Torres Strait. I am a medical doctor who graduated from the University of Queensland in 2017.

Growing up in an Indigenous family, with many of my family members having chronic medical conditions, the disconnect between Indigenous Australians and the healthcare sector has always been evident. In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait people were rarely made to feel welcome or represented in healthcare settings. And historically medical institutions have caused generational harm to my people. But I hope by reclaiming Indigenous knowledge, stories and representation through medical-based art that we can find a way to bridge the divide between patient and provider and learning about ourselves and our bodies in the process.

This is why I created Within Creations.”


Instagram: @within.creations


11. Dr Sam MacManamin


I am a local emergency physician. I got into pottery in pursuit of a hot ginger in Alice Springs that did pottery. I got him to teach me then he had a mental health crisis and moved to rural Victoria.

I make two type of pottery:

  • Midfire electric oxidation is waterproof and dishwasher safe
  • raku is a nightmare. It’s done in my backyard in an insulated steel drum with two LPG bottles hooked up. White hot clay is dunked in water or sprays or decorated and is prone to cracking or exploding due to thermal shock. Raku is not fully vitrified so will absorb water and is not waterproof or dishwasher safe